So this weekend has been much better than the past few weeks.  We got our rent paid for one more month, I actually got out of the house and went to visit friends without too much incident (have a really hard time with that). Today I got contacted about a possible job that I've been really wanting that seems really promising.  My friends that I have left have been really encouraging lately, and I have told alot more of them about my OCD and they have all been really understanding.

The only downside is that I have some new symptoms.  I don't know if they are new or if I just started noticing them more.  I've been having a really hard time sleeping because I am worried about bugs crawling in my ear.  I also have this irrational fear that strangers are going to come in my apartment while I'm sleeping, whether it be people who break in, or apartment manager or maintenance people or police it really freaks me out.  The other one that has been the biggest issue is that I always get really tense riding in the car.  Last night on the way home from friends' house I started feeling like if the car stereo was up too loud that it was going to make us crash.  If I turned the stereo down I felt less anxious.  My boyfriend likes to listen to loud music when he drives, so he was getting really annoyed.  I hate that I know that these things are irrational, yet I can't get the obsession out of my mind.  I can't convince myself that it is okay.  Has anyone else had similar issues or found anything that has worked for these kind of things?


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