Hubby had his first apt with his new mental health Dr. yesterday , the Dr, put him on Latuda 40 Mg however… for the first 7 days he is take only a half of a pill N the mornings with a meal . The Dr. also put him on Doxepin 10Mg of a night for sleep . Now hubby had been on Doxepin 14 years ago back when we first met back in 2001 however he was 50 Mg which was way too high of a dosage , not to mention the fact that he was going to Mental health out patient center that wasn't exzactly the greatest either , now 14 years later , things have changed, mental health here in NC seems to be a lot better , this time at least the Dr. started him out on the lowest dose he could go . Another big factor is that hubby is has been clean from cocaine for 15 years now , since Febuary 2004 , so that makes a big difference N how medications react . I know when we were first together he had a horrible cocaine addiction , plus being on medication for his Bipolar , mixing the medication with the drugs definately didn't help him & I told him , I told him, that he was sabataging himself & that by doing the drugs, he wasn't allowing the medications to fully do their jobs.. Now here he is 14 years later , drug free , taking the medications the right way , I know he hates trying all these difference medications but I told him that once he finds a happy medium , it will be worth the hunt .. Heck I don't like taking anxiety medication but at the same time I don't like my anxiety being so damn high I feel like my heart is going to jump out of my chest , so I would rather take two little pills of a night, feel a little tired & have a couple of side effects then be so miserable with anxiety that I don't get to enjoy life in its self ..

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  1. onelyric 7 years ago

    First I love your rose picture.

    Hubby made a great dicision on quitting drugs and getting help. Big step really big!

    Anxiety is a bitch…along with panic attacks….I'll take that pill myself …from having to go through the experience of an attack.

    Hang in there "Godsgrl115"….


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