Why are break-ups so hard to deal with? It took me almost 6 years to accept that I was not the one for her. Despite being with me for 9 years, she kept on hurting me. I was never a priority for her. She kept on dating other guys saying her family won’t accept me so its better for her to marry any of her friends of her own community. What shook me from within was the fact she fought for a different guy (who was not from her community, less educated, unemployed) with her family but she never bothered to take a stand for our relationship. She kept on saying no future is possible for us. The hardest part is I have to live in the same home where we built out own happy world.

Still not sure whether she ever loved me. If not, what the hell she was doing with me for so many years? She has left me totally confused…i have no clue what I am going to do in my life without her…

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  1. sanatee 8 months ago

    She was likely using you to feed her ego. Or keeping you as a backup in case her other dalliances failed. She didnt deserve your love or loyalty. You deserve to be loved.

    Read it again: YOU DESERVE TO BE LOVED.

    It is likely that you do the same thing I do.. You love who a person could be or make up phantom fantasy scenarios in which you are happy if things were just a little different. See who she is. Who she really is. You said it yourself. Now accept it.

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