i thought i was going to go back to school for the past month or so and was going through the application financial aid process but its all crumbling around me. my therapist doesn't think i can do it since i have no support system and no help from my parents and my major is expensive. and i agree… i just don't know what to do. i don't have any other option. i already live like a homeless person, iv'e been living with my parents for almost 4 years, i have no friends left. my logic was that i might as well get into massive debt and go to school. since i already live like i'm in massive debt. but financial aid is so complicated and anyone i could ask about it, they are the people who would make money off me. no one actually thinks i can do it. no one is there supporting me or telling me its a good idea, just me and i don't even know. i don't know the right way to do it!

Even If i went I would have to get a job, I've never been self supporting. I want to be but I've never had the chance.I hate where I live.I don't want to live here another second but i'm probably going to be living here another 8 years! I wish i had a gun at this point, I don't really want to, but this is all too much! And I don't see an answer! my therapist told me she can't help me. she told me, "yeah, things are too much for you and you cant do them, and your stuck. you never do anything!" after months of me slowly trying to figure out loans and stuff. I don't even know, i just left the office and canceled her appointments. There's no one who can help me. I don't know what to do.

  1. Kaylax33 11 years ago

    I\'m sorry you\'re going through all this, it seems very overwhelming..and your therapist SUCKS. she\'s seriously terrible for telling you that you can\'t do it.
    YES YOU CAN DO IT!!! have you tried private loans?
    those seem to be better than student loans…
    Please don\'t give up on anything!!

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  2. gphonse357 11 years ago

    First of all, I think you have a bad therapist. She\'s supposed to be encouraging you, not putting you down. FIND A BETTER THERAPIST! DITCH THE BITCH! Also, I understand better than most how anxiety can get in the way of just about everything, especially moving your career in the right direction. It isn\'t easy, and fear and hesitation is always a constant when you are putting your signature on that line.

    I always stress to people to go to college, because although I have social anxiety..since day 1, I still managed to complete college and receive my Bachelor\'s Degree. It is hands-down the single most greatest accomplishment of my life! I have actually achieved something that I can brag about that I have done with my own hands..and I have the paper to prove it! WHAT??? You will be respected for it! Most of all, you will have an increase in self-esteem because of it. The significance is that after I graduated, I was on a high (cloud 11) for several months, during which at that time..my anxiety was almost non-existent.

    Sure…my anxiety has returned because of some certain unfortunate circumstances, which I will have to work through…but I\'m telling you that you should do it. Fear will always be there regardless of what you do, but you shouldn\'t let fear get in the way of your dreams…Plus, you can always figure it out and solve it later. I understand how you feel, more than most. I\'m sorta in the same situation you are in now, because of the state of the economy right now. This position we are in, is temporary, and that is the truth..but the first step and probably the second step too, is up to you. If you don\'t try to change things around now, they will only stay the same…Matter of fact, they might get worse.

    Whatever you do, never give up. There is a true feeling of relief and a sense of accomplishment when you have overcome your obstacles, that can\'t be bought. This is very worth it, so don\'t off yourself. It\'s okay to have those thoughts. It\'s normal to have when you are going through hard times, but just don\'t act on them. Accomplishing something that noone can take away from you and is priceless, is worth it. Not giving in, or giving up until you reach the light at the end of the tunnel (nomatter how long it takes) is worth it also.


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