So we have a whole other year ahead of us. I think my new year resulution is just to be happier this year. To not think about things so much, ya know? I feel like thinking about everything like i need to unvail every little tiny miniscul thing within that one thought or view or whatever…. That's usually what makes me so depressed because I'm overthinking everything and siking myself out. I probably could have had a way better childhood/ beginning of teen years if I had just stopped overthinking EVERYTHING! I would have lived the way I'm kind of living right now. Viewing life as if we weren't going to live it tomorrow. I would enjoyed it so much more. I wouldn't have grown up as quickly as I had. I sometimes wish I could go back, change everything…. but for one I can't and that's the way it is. And for two, I like who I am right now. I wouldn't change one thing about me. So why would I change my past, inevidably (can sense it's spelled wrong.. sorry horrible speller) changing myself?

My mother is drunk beyond belief right now… don't know what she is doing right now though because she's in her room with her boyfriend. I kind of don't want to know what she is doing now that i think about it. EWW! Anyways change of subject!

So I was talking to my boyfriend the other day… last night actually. But anyways I was talking to him and I was just really sad. I mean, it was really depressing because normally we can't stop talking to each other, specially ever since we weren't allowed to date anymore. But last night, we were just sitting there in silence. We had no idea what to talk about. It just made me sad. I feel like we're kind of becoming a little distant… Hopefully with this class that we are taking together this up coming semester we can spend more time together and become a little closer. I don't know.. it just makes me sad. But that was last night. Today, I think he's drunk honestly… Lolz! I'm talking to him on facebook and just some of the things he's saying, kind of makes me think he's drunk. It's rather funny actually. God I love him so much. anyways…. waiting for my mother to fall asleep so i can call him.

Happy New Year everyone. Sorry if I bored you. *Hugs*



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