I've been feeling pretty lonely and hopeless. It seems to increase as I age.  It's like no one understands me or can help me. 

My "friends" always seem like they don't want to talk to me unless I'm happy. My therapist is no better, as she seems to dismiss everything I say and never gives any good advice. I need someone to listen AND advise. 

It hurts, who can I talk to? I guess no one.  I feel like I have no support or encouragement from anyone. I'm honestly tired of trying. It appears every effort I make is not good enough. 

Sometimes I feel like I want to die as I can't seem to succeed at anything or get over my depression. When I think of the future, I don't see myself succeeding at anything or anything changing for the better. I try to think positive and imagin myself suceeding but it is short lived.

It seems like I don't mean anything to anyone. I have no one, I can't talk to my mom, I can't talk to my friends, I can't even talk to my therapists. It's becoming draining. I'm not sure what to do next, I didn't accomplish anything this year. I don't want the same thing to happen next year. But of course everything I want to do to help myself requires money. I want to get over my depression, but I don't have much money for a therapist and medication. I want to go back to school, but I don't have any money for that. I want to pay down my debt but I don't have money for that either. No one wants to hire me so i can have a second job. So what am I suppose to do? I kinda feel like driving my car off a cliff.


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  1. visualist 12 years ago

    Maybe, you need another therapist, one who can relate to you in a way that you are comfortable. I don't know, but sometimes, it takes looking inward to find what you need. What do you want from your life? Be specific about it.

    Advice is good, but the decision is really yours to make. What you may need to look at are the different options open to you, then, you can make an informed decision that's best for you.

    Keep your chin up. You are worth living for.

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