i can't stop checking things mostly my bedroom door & car doors as well as the oven when I bake anything! I am also having issues with being forgetful I will totally have no memory of doing something but when I go to do it it's already done & being the only 1 in the house I had to do it!!! Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe it isn't an O.C.D thing just another one of my weird symptoms. I lay in bed for hours going over & over the same thing until I am ready to scream & pull my own hair out and I say to myself stop this & then 2 seconds later I am doing it again. I have been wakeing up in the middle of the night soaked & not from a bad dream…because I pretty much remember my dreams every single night I wake up & can remember at least 5 or 6 of them & i don't forget them for days. I get no quality sleep if any at all I lay there in bed till 3,4, or 5 in the morning many nights!!!!! Which doesn't help being tired definitely makes it worse. I used to mostly have thoughts repeating but more recently I have been having more issues with counting things over & over again as well as the rituals-checking locks is my main one but i also count things,go over & over what i just bought at the store,put things in groups & freak out at uneven numbers,foods touching,certain words, and many other things that drive me almost nuts! It has gotten to the point that my parents & sister notice it which is really bad because they normally ignore me altogether as mucg as possible & deny anything is wrong….but I think they are beginning to see that isn't true. Basically I was put on medicine which helped at 1st then didn't so started taking more which helped a while & now is wearing off again . Is their anything beside medicine I can try? I have not been given much information just asked questions yeah u have it & then my Dr put me on medicine. I am afraid of my own shadow these days & going away at night doesn't happen anymore really unless it is absolutely necessary! Sometimes I scare myself with the thoughts I have in my head after being annoyed by these thoughts & the things i am willing to try to shut it up!!!!!!!!! I am not that kind of person before and i don't like being that way now to me personally it feels like weakness

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  1. sdluna 10 years ago

    I have experienced much the same in the last couple of months.  I would also strongly agree that the sleep is key!  If you can get enough sleep, it would definitely help.  The problem is what to do to help. 

    Some simple suggestions would be to cut out as much caffeine as you can, perform a bedtime ritual, something to relax you. 

    However, my biggest advice would be to find a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. 

    Good luck to you and hang in there.  Sending peace your way:)

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