My name is Tim, and I'm new to this site. I'm actually pretty stressed out, and writing anything helps relieve it. I figured since I'm new here I would share my story. The story of how I have ended up in the situation that I am currently in. I wasn't always a bad person, but drugs have a way of bringing out the worst in people. As a teenager, I lived an ordinary life. I would drink with my friends on weekends, but not every weekend. I had a good time, but knew when to stop. Alcohol never was a problem for me. I actually meat the mother of my children at a house party that took place at my house when I was 18 and fresh out of highschool. She was an amazing person. She was funny, beautiful, and she had a heart of gold. I actually gave up the partying and drinking to be start a family with her. We were together for 3 years before she had gotten pregnant with our first child. After he was born I lead a really good life. The kind of life that I'm fighting so hard today to try and live again. I worked construction building bridges, and I was making the best money that I have ever made in my life at $34.17/hr. I pulled something in my back one day at work, and a friend of mine said he knew a guy that sold pain killers if I would like to buy a few. I wish I would have known then what I know now, because that was the second worst decision that I have ever made in my life. I loved the way they blocked the everyday aches and pains that came with my job. After a while, I had to start buying more and more pontent pain killers because I had developed a tollerance for the less potent ones. One day the guy I got pills off of asked my If I every used a needle before, and I told him I had not. He explained it as if it gave you the best feeling you could ever imagine. He had pressured me on about 5 different occasions to try it, before I finally did. This was THE worst decisionof my life. My daughter had just recently been born, and I was on a fast track to ruining my family. The mother started injecting pain killers with me, and that eventually lead to heroine. I ended up losing my job, and I threw away everything important to me for drugs. My children were taken out of my house by DCS and placed with one of my family members because I had failed numerous drug screens consecutively. I get to see them still, but I should have never put them in this situation.I did things that I would never do in a million years when I was on drugs or trying to get them. I am currently on the right track to getting my children back, which is what keeps me moving in the right direction. I would do anything to be able to relive the past five years differently. Unfortunately,I know that's not possible. Therefore, I'll use this whole thing as a learning experience and leave it in the past, yet keep it fresh enough in my memory to never want to touch drugs again. I guess that's about it. I'm working hard and making progress. Thank you all for reading my story.

  1. binarychick12 8 years ago

    Thank you for sharing 🙂 Your testimony has given me some hope today for my son.  You're a blessing to so many people and to your family.  Keep fighting the good fight.  

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  2. pcm54 8 years ago

    Keep sober!  It's the best suggestion anyone ever gave me.  It is harder said than done, but it sounds as if you have a great start on it.  Yeah, the "life" before sucks, but the life you have now and for the future is so good.  Best wishes to you.  You helped keep me sober for another day.


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