So are you new to Recovery? if nobody has not said they love you to you yet today. know that i love you. i hope you find something here that will keep you clean and sober. life does not have to always be the nightmare we used to live. we are a diverse group of people from all walks of life. proffessionals, DR.'s, Nurses, Teachers, Farm Owners, CNA's, Radio Announcers (ME), store employees and so many more proffessions.. no matter what our back ground we are all here to do something about our disease. please realize the fact that you do have an incurable and sometimes fatal disease and it's called addiction. it takes on many faces. you can be addicted to a lot more than just drugs and alcohol. you can be addicted to men, women, sex, shopping, cars and so much more. addiction is our disease the problem is us. we need to learn a new way of life that let's us actually feel free. we can never become recovered but we can live in Recovery. we just have to start by changing eveything in our lives.

so you find the 12 step meeting of your choosing and go to as many meetings as you can. gather phone numbers from other members and pick up the phone before you pick up anything else. you have to make the choice for yourself nobody else is going to do it for you. it is totally an inside job. for every action we take in Recovery there is a reaction. you read where i talked about change, that means you change your playmates, your playthings and your playplaces. you come to believe in a power great than your self to pray and meditate with to help you stay clean. you have got to become teachable to be reachable. yes sometimes i repeat myself on here a lot but it has worked for a long time for me. some suggestions i offer might help you and they might not it's totally up to you.

we come to the end of the road where nothing works anymore. why not give this Recovery thing a try? nothing else has worked for you yet has it? it's time to give up the higher cost for living the low life. if you follow the guidelines of this program you never have to use again. wow what a concept. the lie is dead we do recover. if you need help get off your ass and go get it. nobody is going to come and get you unless you call your local AA or NA hotline and say you need help. you do not have to die today. you can get into recovery and learn a whole new way of life.

i personally do not have all the answers and sometimes i am not sure what the question truly is. but i bet together we can find the answer. please remember you are not alone and never will be once you walk through the doors of the 12 step program of your choice. Remember that Recovery is a Journey not a Destination and use the Rest Stops God provides along the way.


NA hugs and love,





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