As if my day has not been bad enough the annoying neighbor of mine is hovering at her window literally peeking through her blinds like a stalker lurking in the dark for me and my kids to come home. The first one runs up the sidewalk and the second one runs up the sidewalk and then OMG the second one comes back to help me with the baby and my bags but oops she's 5 years old and forgets not to step on the grass!!!! I say "Honey get of the lady's grass it's rude." I barely get those words out and BAM the Wicked witch next door burst out her front door and starts yelling at me and my kids about her grass and the property line (Which by the why I later found out is not even her property she rents just like me and the condo association takes care of the lawn not her so what's her problem) Any way she is just getting belligerent and nasty and I can't take it any more. And I tell her look lady if you would shut your yap for five seconds you'd have heard me telling her to get off the grass. I was dealing with it. She gets nasty saying I should have already told her and it should have been dealt with. Come on. the kid is 5 y/o she barely remembers what I said 10 minutes ago let alone what I said yesterday or the day before. what does she want me to do take out a cat'o'nines tail and whip the child in front of her. Would that appease her crazy obsession? It's not like can turn back time and make it not happen. all I can do is deal with it as it happens. she can either accept that or go to hell. But since she decided to go psycho twice no in one week in front of my kids I called the land lord found out they don't own they rent from the same guy holding you lease. So now that I know we are on an even playing field and they can be evicted as easy as me, bring it on, she wants a war that's fine I'll give her a war. I report her craziness and parties and pot smoking ways to the landlord. If she cares to take it to the next step from here my next call is to the police and child welfare. maybe if they take her kids away because she's getting high with them in the house she'll have better things to stress over then where my kids put their feet.

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  1. gigi226 13 years ago

    Wow I think you need to follow through with that She is very hateful Hold your ground maybe when she sees your not going to put up with it she will back down!!! I wish you a much better day tomorow! Try not to worry about the Dr. situation I know that is easier said than done but things do have away of working out I know it is really tough right now It seems like when it rains it pours. Hang on through the bad so you can enjoy the good when it comes.

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