I have been very sad lately. Amazing, because really I have such a good life with a loving and attentive husband who is a wonderful father to our three daughters. My girls, 16, 14, and 11 are all straight A students and all very good athletes. Although my life has been good, I was in an extreme happiness when my oldest daughter began dating a boy from another high school who is a little over a year older than her. The boy is extremely handsome , extremely intelligent , and also a terrific athlete. When they went to his junior prom together , they looked like a fairytale couple. They seemed inseparable, and I felt on top of the world. Now , the boy says that he has gotten into trouble with his parents for wrecking a new car that he was not supposed to be driving. He says that he is punished and can not see or communicate with her for the entire summer. He has had very little contact with her as he has told her that he can not text her. My daughter, unlike me, is extremely confident in herself and appears somewhat disappointed but continues on with a positive attitude . I, on the otherhand, am a mess. My thoughts are obsessive in that I cannot get them out of my mind. I find myself continuously wondering if he is being truthful , I wonder about their possible future together, I wonder if she will ever meet a boy I love for her as much as this boy, and i think about his family continuously . This preoccupies my thoughts almost entirely lately. How am I supposed to continue this way throughout the entire summer? Or God forbid if this is a permanent situation ? My stomach has been sick with anxiety and I feel like I can cry over the smallest thing lately. I am jumpy and can not concentrate . Is there anyone out there who has advice for me? Is this OCD?


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