After an awsome night I have just come to the realization that I may not be having a check this coming pay day. I am a caregiver to my MIL (mother-in-law) and get paid by the state a few meezly hours but enough to pay my bills. Well she has been in the hospital for almost a month so that means for this pay day since she has been there I don’t get paid cause I have no one to give care to. Which is a big problem cause I have some big bill coming up and always have a way I pay them so that I’m not to broke between periods. Well with no check I am pretty screwed. So now I am feeling really regretful of even going to the concert. I ended up paying for a new outfit which I could have paid a bill with. I know I should not have to depend on my sister to buy anything for me but she offered to buy me these things in order for me to go to the concert which I was leary of going to because of the money issue. Although I was dying to go to this concert I am so angry at myself. I can’t take the stuff back cause they only have and exchange policy and no returns. I didn’t want my sis to have to buy my clothes too since she bought the tickets. I once again have put myself in a bind and am just sick to my stomach about it. I feel like shit but I hope I can work something out with my utilities company and other creditors. I usually can get things worked out so hopefully my luck doesn’t run out. I’m trying to stay positive but need to get out the frustration and anger at myself. Sigh Sigh


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