Almost a week ago I heard from his own speaker everything he read from a very private personal file. A page folded. Opened by someone who had promissed never to touch it. The one I trusted the most.
About a year ago a met this great fella who blew my mind. He was so wise and seemed to understand everything about me. He understood the abuse I had gone through at home from my family. He showed me that he knew me better than anyone else. That he could understand me in ways no one else can. Having known me for only days he knew me better than those who've known me for years. Not too long after I found myself in a relationship. I found myself happy.
Sometime about a year passes by. We are living together. Everything is as it should be. We've gone throught our arguments out little battles. Normal relationship problems. Months ago He found out that I hold something that if read will reveal things that I've intentionally kept to myself in order to keep happy.
Not everything was what it seemed to be. He is aware of the books existence. He'd promissed never to read it. To never even look into it.
Seeing the journal in a childs hands he takes it away. Tempted to read. Unable to resist curiosity he opens it. Sees his name. And betrayal. he had now lied.
Not only does he feel free to read but then days after he decides it to be okay to tell his friends what he's read. Never mind what he read. hat page contained nothing too important. But that he read from my journal, which he had promised never to open was something I never expected. And to make things worse he tell his buddies, which by now are our friends. I am disappointed, embarrassed, angry; I am hurt. Where has all the trust gone?


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