my 6 yr old lil girl had started getting sick in the beginning of feb and we took her to the doctor and he did not do anything for her she just kept getting sicker and sicker so finally we took her to the emergency room and when we go there her fever was 104.4 and they took her to a room and the doctor came in we told her symptoms and we said it had been stomach problems and the idiot diagnosed her with pneumonia so we took her home and she kept getting worse so we took her to vanderbilt childrens hospital and there after spending the night there they said she had gastroenteritis and sent her home so we got her home and shes getting sicker and sicker and we called her doctor who said to take her back to vanderbilt childrens hospital and she would make sure they do a CT Scan well they finally did and found out she had malrotated intestines and would need surgery and if not it could be life threatening and so we have been up here for a week now and she just had surgery on thursday and my poor baby is so pitiful it hurts me to see her like this she has not been doing very good and now they just put a nasogastric tube in her nose and down to her stomach and she is so miserable and it makes me so sad and depressed to see my lil girl like this she used to be such a happy lilgirl and ever since getting sick in feb she has done nothing but lie around and i just want my lil girl back im so sad and so frustrated afraid that there is something they havent caught cause she just seems to be getting worse instead of better so i would appreciate any prayers you guys might have for my baby her name is arianna


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