So, it's been months since I've been active with this community. I guess I'm the kind of person that uses something like this and then when I feel like I'm okay enough to drop it, I do. Luckily I didn't completely drop this because I feel like I need to be part of this community again. Here's what's been going on in my life.

I still think about my best friend everyday, and although it's gotten easier to deal with, everytime I talk about him I end up crying. It's still very painful, and it's more than pathetic that I've gotten into the habit of talking to him almost everyday. I feel like he's watching over me though, and that helps me cope a little easier.

I just broke up with my boyfriend after 8 months of dating. Am I the only one who doesn't settle for people that doesn't make them happy? I feel kind of selfish, but at the same time, is it really unacceptable to want a relationship that you're content with? I don't think so. Plus, I think I deserve someone who acts like they care about me and is happy to see me. Oh, and yelling at me when you're frustrated doesn't seem to work out well in my opinion. I've been through the abusive relationship, and I can honestly say that I felt like the emotional abuse was worse than the physical. Now all he does is text my phone constantly to try to make me feel worthless. He's even told me that I could never find someone as good as him, and that I should just give up on my life. It's really annoying having to look at my phone and for every 10 texts I get 1 of them will be from someone other than him. So this is definitely stressing me out.

I wont be able to come back to the school I worked so hard to get into because they refuse to help me with my financial aid. I've gone to the financial aid office everyday for the past month and still nothing's happened. And thanks to the basketball team doing well, tuition has gone up a LOT. So now I'll be going home to live with my mom and dad and attend community college in hopes of transferring elsewhere.

On the bright side, I met a new guy (I know it's soon, but he's nice so far), and I actually kind of like him. Tall, blonde, blue eyes, attractive, sweet. Who knows if it will go anywhere, but I definitely feel like this is helping me get through everything a lot easily. If nothing happens of it, it will be a nice distraction from the crazy things going on in my life. If something does, then wonderful.

That's basically all that's been happening for the past few months. Oh, I'm probably going to try to put my creativity into good use by creating an art journal. Has anyone ever done this before? If so, let me know how you got started, and if you enjoy it or not. I'd really love to hear about it.

Hope all is well!

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  1. cleopardi 10 years ago

    glad you came back

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