Hi i am Katlyn i have been verbally abusing my brother and i want to change and not head down that dark path i think that this will help me not to do it to my brother anymore i have been thinking about this for a while i want to build a good relationship with my brother and my family i want to change for the better of my brother and my family and i want to be able to not take my anger out on my family cause they don’t deserve it. We have a pretty close family and the last thing I want to do is loose them. Its hard to change but I know I can do it.

I think that this website will help me become a better person and so i can control my anger so i hope that if you have came upon this problem don’t go down this path it is a horrible place to be at especially when your a teen and you can get angry very easily and for me as well. I am hoping to meet other teens that have the same issues so we can work together to overcome it.

I am not one of those people who suffer from anything but adhd but i am a person who definitely wants to change for everyone in my family because we are very close. So i hope that if you red my article i hope you learned something from me that will help if you have the same problem so that you can change as well. So i hope you have learned something that will help you late in the future I hope I can meet other teens too so thank you for reading my article if you made it this far in lol  : ) 

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  1. dorinda18 4 years ago

    Hi ! I suffer from A.D.D and many times when I get angry i also take it out on other people. What I have been doing lately that has helped me is that I use a stress ball and it helps me contain my anger for some reason. I hope you can benefit form this!

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