Worthy of a man's whole heart. Not just half. Can his eyes be obsessed with the sight of mine. Can his heart beat with anticipation to touch my skin again, smell my hair, or kiss my lips. Can he linger on my very presence. Is there such a love anymore? I used to be his porcelain doll he was afraid to hurt, crack or break. Now he thinks my strenth over weighs the possible chance of cracking the fragile glass. Still fragile. Still glass! Strong or not, It will break under pressure.

I'm not worthy of kind words. As he speaks harshly when addressing my misfortunes. As if I'm made of titamium. Unnoticed, these harsh words dig at my very emotion. I feel strangled with the thought of holding back tears from such harsh, unintended words. Kindness. The most simplest of things. Yet the most difficult to put into words. He loved me with the most visible tendencies. Now it's so blind even the deaf couldn't see it.

I'm not worthy of romance. To make his heart skip a beat. Stop in his tracks because The sight of me took his only breath away. Lost in thought of how lucky he is as man to have such a beautiful soul attacted to his side. Love me loud. Love my clear.


Let me know I am worthy. Let me know I mean that much to you. Hold me like your losing me tomorrow. Kiss me like your terrified that it may be your last. Look into my eyes when you talk to me, so you can see my every emotion. Hold my hand like someone will swoop it from under yours. Pull me in for kisses like you need them, A medicine to tame your cravings of my soft lips.

Am I worthy? Am I worth it? Am I not?


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