having alot of anxiety so let me just tell you alittle bit about what my family is going through.back in march my boyfriend was in a car accident not his fault and he hasn't been able to work due to bad back pain and the dr he was seeing only see accident patient for 6 months this dr did nothing for him he would on be in the room about 4 to 5 minutes and want to push pain pills on him the dr said there was nothing wrong with his back except for some arthritis and a small cyts which is nothing to worry about but that wouldn't cause him to get muscle spasms in his legs and arms he is going to get a seond opinion.and me and my daughter are disabled and my mom is retired and since his accident it has been us three trying to pay the bills but it is olny getting worse and causing us way to much stress and we just can't get all the bills paid or even have enough to be able to get personal items me and my daughter can at least get one personal item that me and her need it is a female thing we don't know where else to turn we do get some foodstamps which helps some we might lose his car due to nt being able to make the second payment a month.he tryed getting cash assistances but they diened him do to where he did work hasn't fill out the paper he need for the cash assistances and he gave them 2 papers but yet they haven't filled it out.and now the holidays are coming up and that even makes it more stressful and worry.please can you help or know who can help us please and now the holdays we won't have anything


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