I dont judge looks, but I would like to have someone who can keep up with me. I am always on the move doing something. I wanna a lady who is pure, meaning not made of plastic. I want someone who isnt afraid to show there true side. i hate women who hide behind makeup. i want someone who feels were all equal and not to brag or expect more than what i can offer. someone toexcept me for me and not expect me to chanhe cause they think i need to be better. i love to cuddle and i love to show people in public what i have. so if we date you need to be willing to let me show u off. cause im the type who loves to kiss and hold hands in public regardless who sees.I dont want someone who smokes, drinks or does drugs. If your into daisy dukes and wearin clothes that show off ur body parts i dont want you. if your just in it for the sex or the money, i dont want you. if ur they type that thinks just cause i have gay friends that i am gay. i dont want you. if your the type who thinks just cause i have male and or female friends that i am fucking them, i dont want you. if your spoiled and stuck up and brag and are bossy, i dont want you. if you think that reddnecks and bugs are gross, i dont want you. maybe my dream girl is just a dream, but i have faith that somwhere in the world there is someone im looking for, i just havnt found her yet. be nice to talk on the phone for hours or even in person. someone to hold hands with in public, someone to cuddle with..CUDDLE!! not have sex….big difference. yea sure things happen but lets not rush right away i want to get to know u more of you not the personal you.


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