So i've been in a strange mood. I've been cleaning NON STOP. It's getting kind of psycho to be honest. I can't seem to stop. Everytime I'm idlely doing nothing I get this urge / need to pick up, clean up, etc. i cleaned most of the house saturday and I was picking up and restraightening all yesterday. If anything disturbed what i'd already done it drove me crazy. After grocery shopping last night I went to put drain-o in the bathtub and while i had to wait for the water to heat up and to get filled enough i picked up ALL the bathroom. I did almost ALL the laundry (which is alot) and we even put it away which is really rare for us. Upon putting away all our clothes I decided that we have too many and now I need to get them together and give them away to Goodwill. Then while waiting for the oven to preheat I made lunches for me and bryan. Before I could even go to bed i had to restraighten up the living room … picking up all the dog toys and fixing all pillows on the couch. It's driving me NUTS. If i wasn't on my rag i'd think that I should go get a f'ing pregnancy test to assure i wasn't starting to NEST early. 

I'm super nervous again about new semester starting and maybe part of all this is just super nervous energy not letting me rest. I'm also paranoid and stressing majorly because i have to get dental work done next monday. I despise oral work. It's only a cavity fill but ive NEVER had a cavity before 🙁 I don't really know what to expect and that alone is freaking me out hard core. I'm sure its nothing to be THIS worried about but here I am … FLIPPING OUT. 

  1. HananaH 13 years ago

    yeh I get this way too… its usually when I'm feeling in a good mood or  atleast normal… like when  I get a bout of depression and it finally lifts off of me … I jsut run around cleaning and organizing everything like a mad woman and watch out if you mess it up!! I'll be right there to  sigh and fix it again hahaha….. it also comes with nerves though  I think .. its your bodies way of getting rid of the tense or anxious energy which is a good thing if you think about it !! your releasing it all so you wont explode …. ahhhhhhhhh I HATE the dentist …. but if your jsut getting a cavity filling it isn't really that bad at all…and its relatively quick…. good luck 🙂 oh and btw you can come clean my house  next if you get bored  :p :p

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  2. nickas 13 years ago

    Dont worry, i'm a clean freak too. I know what you mean, its impossible to do just one thing, you have to clean everything and throughly. Otherwise, your not satisfied. I think i do it to because i'm a perfectionist, to release my anxiety and a bit of OCD to top it all off.

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