I've been on this emotional rollercoaster and I guess the ride is coming to a end. My wife and I havent talked for about a month and a half so Monday of this week I started feeling a little stronger now that I've been on meds( I stoped drinking its been a week) so I got a text from her that said I dont want to lead you on but maybe we have a chance. and a few days later another saying we fight but we always get through it she was being nice to me and had small talk conversations no intimancy or tuching but it was nice, So I had hope (I thought ) went to work and was happy for the first time in months, got home played football with my son. She got home from work and I expected a smile and a hi but got a mean look again I asked what was wrong and again she layed intome how I was never going to change and all the things Ive done it the past etc ( I never cheated dont go to the bar or hang out its work and home for me) my heart just dropped it felt like day one all over again, I know I shouldnt of but I followed her around the house trying to say the rite thing hoping to get her mind set back to were it was, she said everything all over again and told me she did love me again. my heart is crushed all over again me thinking all the hurtfull words that came out in stupid arguements how I wish I could take them all back, so now Im back to not sleeping and feeling like my hearts burning inside the pain the tears the wondering if their someone else its killing me

  1. ancientgeekcrone 10 years ago

    It sounds like a toxic marriage, and that can kill you.

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  2. nickstar 10 years ago

     Was gonna say well done.. But am sorry 🙁  as i just keep reading…

    Not sure what to say!! I have been there myself…

    I think it seems your doing all the work…  I think its about time your wife try and come half way..

    It is hard…

    I wish you luck

    Take care

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  3. HoneyBunny 10 years ago


    The most important things are your son, and your sanity.  You need to concentrate on being a good father, and avoid arguing in his presence.  Maybe your wife needs time to collect her thoughts regarding the marriage.  As difficult as it is….wouldn't it be worse to stay together for the wrong reasons?  If she is not ready, you need to accept it.  Hope you resolve the situation in peace, especially for your son's sake.



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