Hey. My Name Is Makayla Walker. I Am The Founder Of A Recovery Group Called “Second Chance Recovery.” I Am Wanting My Organization To Be Added To The List Of NA Meetings, An Support Groups. Please. What my organization is for is people in recovery, those who are homeless, and those who have mental health issues regardless of their age or gender. I have helped them get housing, get back on their feet, get a job, get food, hygiene products, clothing, anything and everything that they need.
I have spent months trying to build my organization to help those in need, I’ve dedicated my whole life to this organization.

i have dedicated most of my life trying to create this organization and to make it perfect and be able to grow the community within it but it’s not working out like that not one single person has joined my organization, came to any of the meetings,  or even asked questions about it. The only person it has been is me. I go to all of the meetings, I give people food, find them housing, get them a job, clothing, money, hygiene products whatever it is that they need and I don’t want much in return the only thing I want is a simple thank you and I can’t even get that. No one shows up, nothing. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. In case you guys want the information I’ll put it down at the bottom
My Organization meets by zoom everyday 4 times a day. 6am-8am, 12pm-2pm, 7pm-9pm, and 11pm-12pm. The Zoom Meeting ID Is 375 081 0460, and The Password Is Recovery.
However, We do have options to where If Someone Is Uncomfortable Attending A Zoom Meeting, everyone can still be apart of the meeting and interact with each other. Which is The reason we have created a Facebook group to where anyone can join, and if they feel uncomfortable then they can still attend the meetings and interact with people in the group in whichever way they feel comfortable, but they will attend through a Facebook live instead of a zoom meeting. Which will be held at the same time as the Zoom meeting.  The Facebook Group Link Is https://www.facebook.com/groups/1226628194491032/
We also do in person meetings and those are once a day every day from 12pm-2pm every day at Harmons playfield located at 307 W Northend Ave In Paragould, AR 72450 United States. Unless Something Changes, In Which Case I Will Let Everyone Know Ahead Of Time.
We do have one more option of ways you can still interact with people in the group. I have created a Discord channel for people who want to interact with others, but may be too shy and just want to text other people in the recovery community, but don’t want them to know their real name or anything. The Discord Link To Join Is  https://discord.gg/CE2TXMzk
I Understand What It Is Like To Need Someone To Talk To, But Can’t Speak On Video With A Lot Of Other People, Or Not Being Good At Talking At All, Being Able To Express Yourself Better Through Typing. I Wanted To Make A Recovery Group That Catered To Everyone’s Needs, To Make Sure That They Got The Most Out Of Every Single One Of Their Meetings.

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