Anyone else get so anxious about work that they have to pull sick days 🙁 I feel so guilty, I've done this 3 times since October, I only work once a week which makes it worse – that's like out of 8 days I've been off 3 Makes me wanna be sick that I've done this, cus it's a nice job with good people The thing is I have a project for uni – a pretty major one due in next Thursday of which I have a whole heap of work to do for & the pressure I feel everyday leading up to a deadline is so intense that I know I'd be at work – most of my job is standin for hours waiting for customers – and I'd panic that all these hours I'm wasting could be getting me a better mark Still feel like a let down, but I do feel at the same time I have to do what's best for me and my degree – some one else can always sell the sandwiches I also fear I've made it worse for myself next week… But by then the work is done and I'm off for Christmas after that shift – so I can deal with it I had the fickle nature of anxiety though, yesterday I concurred my phobia of needles with a blood test, I was so proud of myself and then today the anxious beast loomed again all over something I'm so used to & no how to deal with normally. I'm wondering, is stress a major trigger? I've never thought about it that way before I've always found stress to be an affect of anxiety but never the trigger… But it does seem so reasonable. I've worked myself up about deadlines and freaked myself out about the hours in the day :/ Well this all sucks. The only thing I can do to stop it is take a beta blocker – but that only calms my body & today I'm having a internal monologue attack – you no the racing thoughts and panic. I plan to make this day the most productive I can just so I don't feel this cloud of guilt – I hate letting people down but I know when I get that feeling there's just no other way to stop it. I feel like I've have this for long enough now, coming on 4 years diagnosed, to know what's best for me – clearly it'll never feel right. We all get the off days.

  1. Bec20 10 years ago

    Thank you 🙂

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  2. spirit88 10 years ago

    I know what you mean with suddenly feeling freaked out over something you\'re completely used to. I can\'t sleep in my own room anymore. I\'m an adult and something I used to cherish was my time sleeping in the comfort of my own bedroom. Not anymore. It\'s crazy the way anxiety can take something so mundane and colorless and make it an image of paralyzing fear. Good luck with everything. We\'ll all get through this junk.

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