So tried to start a new job on Tuesday in an attempt to work for the first time in three years and hated it instantly…what was the job? Walking dogs. Yes, you heard right: walking dogs and getting paid for it. And something so simple sounding as that had me that unhappy and frustrated that I apparently have quit after all of one day…Yesterday–Wednesday–was supposed to be my second training day; I texted the woman who owns the company and is supposed to be my boss and told her I couldn't make it for personal reasons and that I should be good to go for Thursday. She just replied "okay"…and at this point, if she has already written me off as unreliable and doesn't plan on calling/texting me this morning with the info as to where to meet to train, I could care less unfortunately….

Not going to have the funds one way or another to go out of town next weekend like I had been hoping so badly to do for months, so guess it doesn't really mean that much to me anyway.

Had unpleasant talk with my Mom last night. My choice is this: move in with her, save money, and I can keep my car, or don't move in with her and lose my car but retain my independence….either choice sucks and I feel trapped and like whatever I end up deciding is going to be the wrong choice.

There's just an overwhelming sense of nothing too look forward to–especially now that I know I won't have the $ to go to Indiana next weekend or maybe Nashville two weeks .after that,. No money, no ability to travel, apparently no job STILL, and a choice to either be a man at my age lving under his mother's roof or staying in his own hellhole of an apartment with no car. Eh….I don't even know how to end this.

  1. redjayson 8 years ago

    sorry to hear about the dog walking job. i just wanted to tell you i live with my mother iam 32 for a few more weeks its not that bad i guess for me because i have my independence  i also have my own car to do what ever i want with it and when i say i live with my mom i mean my brother uncle and nephew in a 3 bedroom house i share a room with my mom

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  2. snowdreamer 8 years ago

    I found myself in a similar situation and found out it's better to keep the car so I can get out of the house when needed and also to be able to find a job and travel back and forth.  I know it might be hard to do but living with your  mom and saving money will also get you into a better apartment in the long run and still have your car.  I tried the no car thing and had to take public transportation which was fine but when I found a job I had no way to get there and back and then when I was looking for a place to live I had to ask someone to take me around, it sucked.  I hope you make a decision that is best for you hon.  Take care and good luck

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  3. Andie372 8 years ago

     At least you tried something.  I havent had the stones to try because of my miserable public meltdown at my last job.  

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