so…. im on my friends ipod right now…. so forgive the mistakes. mother says we are painting my room this weekend. it is infored that we are doing it tomorrow but if we are not then i might be really pissed… i just messed up my room to get ready for painting…… so yeah….~~ i want to talk about my boyfriend for a second now. i think i just need some reasuring but ive just kind of been depressed about the whole situation here lately… i havent told anyone so as not to upset them or anything but…. im just so depressed. mainly about the boyfriend situation but that really the only bad thing in my life right now so i feel like that why allmy bad energy is focusing on that…. i just dont know. just we never hang out anymore but i know its not his fault. its moms for telling us we cant date. then when we do hang out we are always alone, which would not be a bad thing if it wasnt that everytime we're alone we make out…. which i love making out and all but its like….. i dont know…. we never just breathe…. we never really talk… But its not his fault… its not really anyones fault. just the situation that we were put in isnt helping my feelings or depression…. i want to tell mom this but i know she wont listen and just get mad. plus, not trying to sound selfish or self centered, but she redoing my room and i really want this make over. she can take it back at any time… she tried doing once already…. i havent had a room makeover since i was probably 9… that was 7 years ago…… which is a long time.anyways maybe i'll bring it up after the make over. not only will i get my room but mother will have had more time to calm down with the situation. hopefully she'll give us a third chance…. we are so bad….

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  1. Andie372 9 years ago

     I don't understand what's bothering you about your relationship with your boyfriend?  Is is that you don't just sit and talk?  I understand the temptation to just make out but there's more to a relationship than just that.  Can you meet at a coffee shop?  That would be conducive to sitting and talking.  I'm sorry you're so depressed.  My daughter just painted her room and she did a nice job.  Hope your room turns out great.  I don't blame you for not wanting to jeopardize that.

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