Hello. I am new to this website, but am looking for friends to help me along my OCD journey. I have had depression for 10 years and have had mild OCD my entire life. My OCD has developed over the past 5 years to a very severe form. Within the last few months – I have become dependent on my fiance to get things from outside of the house, to clean the house, to cook, to mainly do anything that would contaminate me. I wash my hands/arms/body excessively, change clothes often if they are contaminated, avoid people/animals, and have a hard time doing anything these days. I am lucky to have him and my supportive family and friends to help me through these tough times – although it's hard for me to spend any time with anyone other than my fiance. I watch what they do continuously to "make sure" they don't contaminate something. If they do – I then have to obsessively clean up behind them. I recently have been placed on Zoloft and started counseling. I have began a few relaxation exercises and started working through the OCD workbook. My anxiety and depression are decreased since starting the Zoloft, but I am just beginning the battle. I can wash my hands in a few minutes instead of 30 now, but it's still excessive!! I am also very nervous about beginning CBT due to the fact that I actually have to face some of the fears/avoidances that I worry about excessively. I would love input from anyone with similar fears/anxiety producing situations. I also look foward to helping any of you along your journey to recovery. I understand this is going to be a long battle – but I have faith we are all strong enough to lead a normal, healthy life again!

  1. ocdfears 12 years ago

    Have you tried using any OCD books??  I purchased it last week because my therapist recommended it.  Haven't really gotten too far in it yet – but it looks very promising and has CBT to do at home in it.  The book is Getting Over OCD – A 10 step workbook for taking back your life.  The author is  Jonathan S Abramowitz.  He is who started the Anxiety center at the Mayo Clinic.

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  2. bluerosie 12 years ago

    Welcome to the tribe!  🙂

    My compulsions have gotten so bad, so stressful and time-consuming that I find myself avoiding doing them all together.  I can seriously sit around the house all day, feeling dirty, and yet not doing anything about it, because even the thought of taking a shower or washing my hands, etc. is so overwhelming.  Of course, I am more obsessed with being efficient and not being wasteful than with being clean in some ways, I think.  Therefore, if I still need to feed the dogs, I can't take a shower yet 'cause then I'll be dirty again and will need to wash myself again….

    If I'm going to do something, I have to do it "right."  Therefore, it's easier to sit around in a filthy house with my hair unbrushed, teeth unbrushed, etc. than to actually do anything about it.

    Anyway, I'm feeling better these last several days, but still haven't brushed my teeth in a long time.  (Gross, I know.)  I dreamed that I did; does that count?  haha

    We're all in this together….

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  3. Donnie_Brasco_9 12 years ago

    Welcome. You will find a lot of support here.

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  4. ocdmama 12 years ago

    Welcome! Wow i felt like i was reading my story a few months back!! I am on zoloft and klonopin and it works!I got off my zoloft (dont ever do alone like i did) I felt better but am gonna start again cuz i dont want OCD in full force again plus i have depression and anxiety and it helps with that!Somhow by the grace of the good Lord my OCD has gotten better and i have had it since like 5 or so and im 28.I still have my days!Also when it starts and i think things are blood,poo etc lol you get the point….in my head i know its not but my stupid OCD tells me wayyyy different!OCD is only a thought we are not our thoughts!Easier said then done i know!But you will get better!When you start to feel dirty or contaiminated or like you are gonna get germs on you just stop take a few deep breaths and think this isnt my thoughts its OCD!Usally after a few minutes it can work but those few minutes you will have huge anxiety and its NO fun but please stick it out! 🙁 Hope this helped some!Im here anytime you need to talk!HUGS!

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