So.  Here I am.  I can’t say that I ever imagined that I’d be a part of an anxiety & depression online community, but I’m rather at the end of my rope here.

I’ve struggled with depression my entire life.  Since childhood.  Various traumatic events throughout the course of my life have resulted in CPTSD as well as anxiety.  Of late, my anxiety has gotten the better of me.  I leave my house once a week (for groceries), and really only interact with people online.  I have a very small circle of people who I’m comfortable with in person, and they’re always welcome in my home.

I joined because over the past couple of weeks, my anxiety level has skyrocketed.  I’ve had an issue with a neighbor’s son who stays with our neighbor frequently, but he’s started coming over and making creepy comments.  Yesterday, when I had to run to the store for a quick second, he was waving and chasing my car down as I drove away.  To be honest, he creeps me out, and scares me.  I’ve never been a fearful person, but there’s something about this man that is just…off.  I can’t describe it, but something in me knows he’s a potential threat.

I spend a large amount of time alone, and that’s not good for my mental health.  I know it’s not.  But, my partner is a truck driver, and is on the road a lot.  So I’m solo.  I normally handle it far better, but since this creepy neighbor has been coming around and trying to flirt with me (only when my partner is on the road, I might add), I’m just not feeling safe.  And I don’t like it.

I’m also wrestling with some severe depression since the passing of my Dad in July of this year.  That’s an entirely different post, what I’ve dealt with since that happened.

Anyway, I suppose this is supposed to be a brief intro of what brought me here.  I do write a private blog about my struggles with my mental issues, but I kind of like the idea of putting this out there in a like-minded community.


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  1. mar5478 1 year ago

    You are not alone, and I am so sorry about your dad. I just joined and I read your post first.
    I have also dealt with anxiety my whole life, and I have finally committed to do something about it. I can’t imagine living without it but I sure do want to try.
    Good for you that you are writing your thoughts, and that you are reaching out to connect with others who understand.

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