the title's something david tennant's character campbell keeps saying in 'takin' over the asylum', which i've now watched the first half of and i'm loving – and i love how i just wanted to see it because of david, but it just turns out that my favourite actor has a filmography of all 'crazy' roles – but i mean…maybe that's what drew me to think of him as my favourite actor in the first place.  i mean, if you watch him in 'dr who', he seems totally off his head, and that's always what i loved about his acting – 'passion' i call it, 'enthusiasm for his work'.  i love it, absolutely love it.  [br][br]so anyway – i'm reading this book called 'passing for normal' by a woman who grew up with tourette's and ocd, and i was worried it'd be a badly written book by someone who's not really a writer, badly explaining the disorders, etc. like so many others i've read and unfortunately couldn't take seriously, but no this one is really, really good – it's hilarious in parts, really touching in other parts, and incredibly beautifully written, because she's actually a real writer apart from just that autobiography, and the 'mis-lit' style cover really doesn't portray the book's content at all.  i'm already halfway through it, despite only picking it up this morning, because i got stuck on the train journey from hell and had a lot of time to pass.  it went by in a total blur for me, i was even worried i'd missed my stop (but no, it just somehow took an hour to go a 20-min journey), i was so engrossed in the book. [br][br]so it starts with her going to a TS group meeting, and it got me thinking…i've NEVER met another person my age with TS.  i've met plenty of people with ocd or adhd, or even some with bpd, but never TS, that seems to be the thing that sets me out as the 'special' person at all times, and i'd really love to meet (in person) someone who shares that side of things with me.  i mean, i often forget i even have it, in a way, cause i'm so used to it that i don't think about what's really going on, and then i'm reading this book and reading all the same things i go through, and i'm just instantly crying…i really need to meet someone else like me. [br][br]so i joined some groups on facebook, and i joined this big forum community for TS, but i mean so often you just meet parents of children (usually little boys) with it, but not actually people my own age, and usually never women either, just cause it's less common – and all the books about it are written for parents, it's so frustrating, it's like they think it vanishes when you get older, but it doesn't, mine got a hell of a lot worse.  and anyway, what's frustrating is the forum had this members list and omg there were two people in the same TOWN as me!!  but then it turned out that forum was shut down and moved to another domain due to the account being spammed or something, so i joined the new version and now the members list doesn't show my town, but it's because almost no one on there has listed their location now, so i just put up a topic saying where i am and about me and who i'd like to meet, etc. and just…well i'm really really really really hoping here.  everyone hope for me please 🙂

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  1. streamery 14 years ago


    im new here but just wanted to say thanks for the candidness .helps me to open too..

    Well i have ocd mostly but a little of the following- eating disorder,depressoin,hypomania?,BMD, and well thats about it fornow…hah

    But yea sometimes i see myself in a different place.

    I feel like i did 20 yrs ago today-pre ilness,yesterday i felt like i have lived thousands of years (eternally) and will live more future lives . sense of puzzledness in my presnt body/life.

    What5 is allllllllllllll this suffering for anyway?

    To bring me to my bloody knees…learn,open dimensional portals?

    ok im in!

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