Hi im Rudy, im 15 and i kow this is rather short but i dont feel enirely ready to tell the horrors of my past im trying to move on this is where i am,Ive never told anyone this so im just gonna go for it (to personal?)ok well I wish i were loved, but no one will ever love me cuz im broken.life means nothing if i cant have love, Ill Fade away.Im alone & broken,my only reason is out of my reach, It will never be mine. Maybe im to sad & gone,hold on to people to tight cuz i dont want to die…To insane from all the pain that i act like im fine but the truth is i just want to cry. Am i to broken to openup?.But maybe… If I was loved maybe i wouldnt be so Hopeless.

  1. closetedgenderfluid 2 years ago

    Hello! I just wanted to let you know I have been where you are now. It sucks to feel like you aren’t loved, or sometimes to know you aren’t, but you have to understand that today isn’t the end. 15 isn’t as long as you’re going to live. You’re going to live to college. He’ll, you’ll get THROUGH college. You’ll get a job (or maybe your parents are super rich and you won’t have to work. Who am I to judge?) and meet the perfect someone eventually. Or maybe you won’t. But you don’t need love in your life to make it worthwhile. The best time to find love isn’t when you need it, but when you can stand on your own. If you don’t believe in yourself, by yourself, you can’t expect someone else to do it for you. I am here if you ever need to talk, and welcome to the website. I think I speak for everyone when I say you are loved here.

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      rudythetea 2 years ago

      I see what yore saying that i dont need love to have a good life(But do ireally wantt that to keep pretending after years of being tired already) that no ones going to help/love me untll i can do it myself(But ive already gotten myselff through hell ive aalready accepted myself as i am its just like going through a bloody battlefield but when you come home its still affects you i just want someone to be ther for me when im “Home”) that i will find someone.for me when im in a good place in my lfe(But maybe my life will never be fine ill always have scars so how could someone.love me when i still have these “Side Affects*)

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