If you've read my other blogs, you know about my mom a little. pretty much, she left a few states away a few years ago, and is supposed to be back.

She called me today, to tell me that she'll be leaving for home June 15.  Why not sooner? I'll tell you why. She says she wants to see a concert, so shes staying. She is struggling to eat, driving her ex-boyfriends (who's supposed to be in prison, but got a lawyer) car, and using his cellphone. He has leverage over her, and im worried of what that freak might do to her…She tells me not to worry, and i cant control the tears running down my face. My stepmom (honestly, the better mom) runs, grabs a napkin and juice. She comforts me, then my mom asked if i was crying. i said no, the she said, "Yes you are! You better stop that! That is not my girl! you have no reason to cry!" I kept saying that i was just worried, and she said "im eating aren't i?" God, im so angry. I wanted to tell her about all the pain she caused me, how all i've eaten was a few free samples all day because i keep thinking of her, how i cry over my weight, knowing that she's smaller than her 13 year old daughter… but i cant. Then she says that her ex-bf might move her 3 kids and him to washington, and she might get back with him if he did. I was so angry! He's been stealing behind her back, was supposed to be in prison (when they first met, he had just gotten out for drugs, and selling drugs) She actully considered getting back with him. she promised me that if she ever had a bf that i didnt like, to just say so. I cant count how many times ive said it! :l She's psyco. crazy, and i think bipolar, she has all the symptoms. Oh, then she said she thought she made good choices. She hasnt made one good choice in 2 years! The last good choice was leaving my step dad. And now? Now I studder on the word "mom" and can bearly say "i love you" without feeling my head spin… :l Luckily, i have a great stepmom. She made my dinner before starting hers, and talked to me. she cares when im upset, and i think she knows about how much stress ive been under. Thank everything for her, too bad her and my dad are fighting…


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