I am not happy at the moment lol, i think i have a sinus infection or something going on there for weeks now my nose has been all "cluggy" if that makes sense, and today i am over it because im starting to feel heavy headed, which is not fun, its like the feeling just before lighheadedness. And im paranoid because i did have glandular fever and i am scared of getting it back, i never EVER want to feel that crap again in my life, it was horrible, hence why i am so paranoid because with my glandular fever i had the heavy headed feeling BAD and because my doctor didnt know that i actually had glandular fever (i found out i had it AFTER i had it which sucked) he thought i was suffering from vascular headaches and prescribed me TRAMADOL which i would never ever recommend anyone taking unless they really have to (i later found out that its a synthesized version of herion and totally cracked it) i took it for a few months every day, because i also had my wisom teeth out so i told them i didnt need extra pain relief because i had the tramadol… after i stopped taking the tramadol , omg , that was not fun at all, i felt fairly ordinary for a few days.

But yeah, so im going to go to the doctors this afternoon to see whats going on! I better not have a relapse in glandular fever or i will cry.


I got my tattoo gun the other day *yay* and after me cracking it several times and then my boyfriend getting his mate to come help put it together it works!!!!! So hopefully soon (after lots of practise of course) ill be tattoing away on the people that have volenteered to be my human ginea pigs lol

WELL. anyways i have to love you all and leave you!

Take care!!!





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